COPA graduates around the world: Alfaima Solano gets a PhD position at TU/e

COPA Research proudly announces the acceptance of Alfaima Solano into the PhD program of the OPAC group at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e). Alfaima's dedication to research has made her a leading candidate for this position, which is part of the "CropMix" consortium, which aims to create an integrated agri-food production system to improve soil ecology and biodiversity while conserving natural resources. Alfaima will focus on first mile logistics for food value chains, drawing on her experience in operations research to contribute to this exciting field. COPA congratulates Alfaima on this achievement and we are delighted to see our graduates succeed all over the world. Alfaima is now a new European node in our network of graduates and collaborators. We wish you all the best in your academic and professional career.


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